Nexus Repository Manager 3.17.0-01 Not available to upload repo type = proxy

Not available to upload repo type = proxy. Why?

Hi @marcelo.diaz! Welcome to the Sonatype Community!

In Nexus Repository Manager, a proxy repository acts as a mirror of some remote repository, typically something like Maven Central, NuGet Gallery, npm Registry, Docker Hub, and so on. If you need a component that exists in the remote site, you simply request that component from Nexus.

If you have a component of your own that does not exist in a remote repository, the best practice is to create a hosted repository to store that component.

In addition to the documentation at, we have free online training courses available for all of our users. This module in particular explains more about the repository types in Nexus:

Hope this helps!

@mworthington thanks for the information we have team that are in the process of migrating oracle db to an azure flavored sql server for their java based application FCS.

For this they need the following dependency to be available in


The latest version we have available is 8.2.2.jre8, and this will not connect to azure.

Could you please add this to nexus? The artefacts can be downloaded from Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs

I see. Thanks for the dependency xml.

It looks like you will need to specify the jre level as part of the dependency version. This is how Microsoft has chosen to label the jars that they upload to Maven Central.

You can browse all available versions by going to Maven Central Repository Search