GET returns only partial list of repository artifacts

New to Nexus 3, but have migrated from Nexus 2 successfully (to 3.9.0-01).

I can see all the artifacts I expect to in the webapp view. However, when I try to retrieve the list of artifacts (via HTTP GET from Talend TAC 7.0.1), it does not get the full list - only a subset.

We tried Rebuild Indexes - which helped a little, but it only returns a different subset (though a larger one) of artifacts.

Searching from the top search box in the UI also doesn’t return all artifacts, even using (*).

It is not limited to migrated items either. Some migrated items show up just fine. Some new items published straight into this version of the Nexus fail to show up too. So, no consistency related to the history of the item. Same with GroupID - I can see 2/5 of the items with one Group ID, and this is typical.

I’ve looked through the troubleshooting guides, and tried searching in the community, but don’t see anything specific to this. I did find a bug report that is marked as fixed in 3.3.x that sounded similar. Not sure what to try next.

We have reached out to Talend support as well, to see if they have any guidance.

I did update xmx from 1200 to 2048 and restarted Nexus (Windows). Search seems to be doing better - * is returning more (and possibly everything) now, but I am still seeing the same subset visible from Talend.

User has been granted full admin permissions and can view all artifacts through the UI.

Nothing is hidden when Browsing the repository.