Nexus3 oss version, docker host

Hi, I am start using with Nexus repo manager (oss version) for docker host.

Please let me know how to check the below my queries

  1. it’s free license
  2. what are the services available in OSS
  3. Any limitations to create repo and users


Hi Gokul -

  1. Yes the OSS version of Nexus Repository is free.
  2. The matrix found here can help you determine what is available in the OSS version.
  3. There is no limit imposed on how many repositories or users can access the system. The only ‘limit’ will be imposed on the resources on the server, like memory, disk space, etc…

Thanks for the details,

Please let me know memory and disk space based on the machine only right.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Any link where I can get the details.